stop dieting start living
Lose Weight Naturally – 3 Food Shopping Tips for Weight Loss
August 27, 2017
stop dieting start living
Improve Your Health: Clean Eating Recipe and Nutrition Tips
August 29, 2017

Natural Weight Loss: Clean Eating Improves Your Weight

stop dieting start living

Clean eating is about treating your body with love and respect.

There seems to a lot of confusion around what clean eating is really all about, yet it is really one of the most simple concepts to grasp.  (Click to tweet this)

In a nutshell, it means eating foods that most closely resemble their original state. Eating the way nature intended. Eating real clean food means you will never have to count calories, points, or anything else again. Such wonderful news, especially those struggling with their weight.

Cost is definitely one myth that seems to keep people away from embracing healthier food choices, but until you try it, you don’t really know. Are you using this as an “excuse”? You’ll soon realize that clean eating is an investment in your health and not an expense.

So many people discover that they end up spending less per week. One of the main reasons is because they prepare and eat more home cooked meals which are more satisfying and nutritious. Your body will love you back ten fold. Until we bring awareness to our habits we often don’t really know they exist.

A clean eating plan helps natural weight loss and your diet free healthy lifestyle

When you eat clean food, your body will automatically start to shed any unwanted weight. If excess weight is not an issue for you, clean eating is still an excellent choice. You will start to feel better than ever before. Your hair and skin will improve, along with your energy levels, and improved sleep. We often associate any type of improved eating or eating plan with losing weight, but let’s not forget our health. They do go hand-in-hand.

Here are some easy ways to start incorporating more clean food into your daily life:

1. Know where you food is coming from – All the local produce I buy at Hawthorne Valley Farm states where it was grown. Either Hawthorne Valley Farm or the name and town of the local  farm. I just love that! If it was grown organically 3000 miles away, it is still better to buy it from a local grower. Keep “farm to table” in mind in terms of how long it took to end up on your plate. I also get a share from my local CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) every other week starting around the end of May and going through to November. I thoroughly enjoy this too. It’s great to see so many families there with their children. A great gift to give a child is a love of healthy food, because it will keep them interested in being healthy.

2. Free-range and grass-fed meats and dairy – I am not a vegetarian but I have never really been a big meat eater either. However, I do enjoy having a small portion of meat with my meals. What has become very important to me is knowing where and how the animal was raised. I do not support factory farming. Animals should experience a happy life where they can roam around freely and enjoy the sunshine. Not all couped up where they don’t have room to even scratch their butt and where they experience such miserable conditions. Putting this on your radar will have a big impact on you and the environment. Start looking into where you can buy this from a local farmer.

3. Eat unrefined whole grains – In simple terms, cut out the white stuff! It’s not about giving up your favorites, but rather start switching over to the whole grain version. For example, if eating wholewheat pasta or rice pasta is a stretch for you initially, try doing half and half. Eventually you will love it just as much.

If you are not a fan of vegetables but want to get started, try this.

I read somewhere that if you eat food made by people who wear white coats, you will probably end up seeing people who wear white coats!

The more you embrace this, the healthier you will feel, and the excess weight will melt away! It will soon become a way of life.

Get your body and life back by eating clean. It’s that simple. This will help cut down the likelihood of developing a serious illness or disease.

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