stop dieting start living
Why Clutter Affects Your Health and What To Do About It
January 31, 2018
stop dieting start living
The Holistic Health Connection | Positive Thought and Mindset
February 24, 2018

The Holistic Approach to Health | Some Incidental Benefits

stop dieting start living

Procrastination … then ‘Wow I feel so much better’

“Oh, I will get to that tomorrow.”  Does this sound familiar?  If so, you are in great company because procrastination is a habit of many amazing people.  It’s just human nature to put things off that don’t seem appealing, like Spring Cleaning. The idea of going through room by room and getting rid of the things we no longer need seems daunting.  Well, I have a surprising bit of information that may change your mind.

I bet, if you make the decision to tackle at least one of your cleaning or home projects you will notice that you feel better; even LIGHTER!!  Cleaning out clutter is very therapeutic. Getting rid of the items that we no longer use or need, filing away our paperwork, and bringing order to our space creates a sense of accomplishment and a desire to feel more of it. How does this help you lose weight?

One Good Thing leads to another

Once you start to feel lighter because your space feels better, it’s much more likely that you’ll want to achieve that feeling in other areas of your life, especially in what you choose to eat.  It’s a chain reaction: first you de-clutter which leads to feeling better which leads to wanting more of the “good stuff”.  Once you see it play out in your life, you’ll see and feel exactly what I mean.

Its time to feel lighter and better

You may think you see all of the stress and havoc excess weight causes you.  Maybe you can’t find things to wear or your jeans don’t zip so easily, but that’s just a tiny part of the problem.   The day-to-day struggle of having excess weight affects every area of a person’s life, yet so many aren’t even aware of its actual effects.

Consider this …

Losing one pound of weight is like four pounds to a joint. Wow! Yes, it’s true. So losing 10 pounds feels like 40 pounds to a knee that might be giving you some trouble.

When our external environment makes us feel negative about ourselves, we tend to turn to something else for comfort in order to cheer ourselves up. You see how interconnected they are? It’s an amazing revelation. When we address one, it can lead to a shift in the other. So, how do you get started?

“You have to face it to erase it.”

It requires taking an objective look at your surroundings to make your bold first step.  I remember Suse Orman saying on one of her shows some years ago “you have to face it to erase it”. She was referring to being in debt, but the same principle applies here.

Writing things down is a great way to start identifying the areas that you are looking to change or improve.

Get back on track with the Holistic Approach to Health

If you want to bring more balance into your daily life and need help, I can show you how.  Please call me for your free 30 minute getting acquainted session. You’ll be glad you did.

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