Stop Dieting Start Living Weight Loss System

A 5-step virtual program with Ellie’s simple systems. Permanently break free of excess weight and yo-yo dieting, make better choices without feeling deprived, and get your home and life organized.

If you’ve got this far, I know that something in my message resonates with you.

Like you, I know ALL TOO WELL that trying another diet, or even the same one that worked before, gets old and you end up feeling like you have to either put up with being overweight or feeling deprived on a diet.

Well I’m here to tell you that dieting is the PROBLEM, not the solution to the unwanted pounds and THIS is why you are still struggling. I know you don’t want to be stuck in this trap for the rest of your life. I didn’t either, so I got out.

I’ve created a wonderful proven system for you to get started on TODAY.

I spent the best part of a year creating “The Stop Dieting Start Living Weight Loss System”


"WHY?" you might ask ….

Because, like you, I know that dieting is a trap and I want you to be FREE of EVER going on another diet or beating yourself up again for the way you look EVER AGAIN.

If you’re going to lose weight, keep your health and your sanity, and keep the weight off, you need a proven system that

  • Creates an environment that supports you so the weight falls off effortlessly
  • Cut through the self-lies and self-deception we tell ourselves
  • Make better choices without feeling deprived or feeling like it’s a chore
  • Remove your blocks to living a healthy lifestyle, and create a plan so you aren’t wasting time and money
  • Keep you from falling back into old habits even when life throws you for a loop.

There is no need to struggle with counting calories, points, or anything like that. Or forcing yourself to avoid the things you want, or worse still watch other people enjoying them. Or trying to get to the gym at the end of a manic day.


So, this proven system will work for you even if ….

  • You’ve tried other diets and fallen off the wagon
  • You’ve lost weight and seen the pounds pile back on days, weeks or months later
  • You feel short on time
  • You feel eating healthy is too expensive, too difficult or just plain boring

The Stop Dieting Start Living System is the best way to permanently lose weight
without dieting, surgery, sacrifice or struggle.

Now, the full price of the Stop Dieting Start Living Weight Loss System is $275, BUT TODAY I want to make it EASY and TOTALLY RISK FREE for you to get started.


So for JUST $7 you can try it out for the next 7 days.

If at the end of those 7 days you decide it’s not for you, you can cancel and your $7 will be refunded to you.

BUT IF YOU MAKE THE SMART decision to continue --- YOU WILL BE CHARGED A FURTHER 4 PAYMENTS OF $67 EACH MONTH, STARTING IN 7 DAYS TIME making a total investment of $275.

You see how I’ve made it a no-brainer for you?

I want you to find freedom from dieting and excess weight for good.


You are going to LOVE this approach as it’s going to set you free from ever dieting again and dealing with being overweight.

So let me explain what you’ll learn in this step by step system.

When you sign up you will have immediate access to the pre-course accelerator videos all about awareness which, let me tell you are very eye-opening. These videos are where I cover specific questions you may have never considered before that will create immediate improvements in how you feel.

Module 1

Module 1 is all about building a solid base so you always feel strong and supported in making healthy choices.

Diets don’t offer a solid foundation and that’s why weight loss is never permanent and they also don’t focus on feeling great.

You’re going to learn:

  • how to put YOURSELF first
  • how to make BETTER choices
  • how to create an environment that SUPPORTS you in your weight loss permanently.

One of the reasons it’s so hard to lose weight and keep it off is that we often have so many other things going on that it’s easy to make choices based on what’s fastest rather than what’s best. So we’re going to completely change the way you think about weight loss for good.

You’re going to make yourself a priority once and for all, and I’ll show you how to set up your kitchen to make it easier for you to make the right choices. I’ll also show you small changes you can make in your life that will make healthy eating the easier and more convenient choice.

In seven days’ time you’ll get access to Module 2

Module 2 which is about cutting through the self-lies and self-deception.

One of the things that keeps people at more than their desired weight is that they get stuck because they don’t tell themselves the truth. Some of the common lies people tell themselves are things like … I’m big boned, all my family are overweight. I’ve tried dieting and nothing works so I’m going to be heavier than I want to be and that’s that. So this module is all about freeing yourself of the self-lies and the self-deception, and shedding the excess pounds effortlessly.

Then in week 3 you'll get Module 3

Module 3 is about how to make better choices without feeling deprived or it being a chore. You’ve probably upgraded your computer operating system numerous times over the years, and you’ve probably updated your mobile phone many times, but have you ever considered that you can upgrade to better options of your favorite foods? So many people resist getting on a healthier path because they think they are going to have to give everything up that they love. I’m here to tell you, that this is not the case. I eat everything I love and you will too. I’ll show you just how to do that so that it’s easy for you.

A week after that, you'll get Module 4

Module 4 is about removing the obstacles you have to living a healthy lifestyle AND having a plan so you aren’t wasting time and money.

One of the common excuses today is not having enough time to make a meal at home. Let me tell you, I don’t spend hours every day in my kitchen BUT I always have plenty of healthy meals to go in my fridge. I’m going to show you what I use and how I do it with such ease and not feeling overwhelmed AND the simple things you can do daily that will make a big difference to how you feel.

Over the years you may have spent more time planning a vacation than you have on what you will eat for the week. Or, you may have planned a home improvement project that took hours and hours. The truth is, we don’t wake up one day and say “I’m going to the other side of the world and I’m leaving today.” Right?

So have you caught yourself saying that your kitchen is too small?

Or that you leave for work so early in the morning you don’t have time to make anything? You’re too tired when you get home from work. You can’t afford a quality juicer or blender. Or even that you’re worried you won’t do it right!

Finally, in week 5 you'll get Module 5

Module 5 is about how to stop falling back into old habits even when life throws you for a loop.

Remember this course is not one of those courses that you “GET THROUGH” and stop! You’ve heard the saying “the honeymoon period”, well my friend you are now living a healthier lifestyle. The past 5 weeks are not just a honeymoon where you felt good and happy. This is FOREVER.

How many times have you let something in your life throw you off track? Did you stop going to the bathroom, brushing your teeth and even getting dressed?

Probably not, because you do those things naturally and they are necessary. Well this is no different.

This new way of taking care of yourself is the new natural order of the day for you and they are necessary so you feel great more often than not.

The more we do something, the more natural it feels. The key is to keep it simple so you’ll keep doing it.

So, over these five weeks, I take you step by step through a series of videos, shot right here in my kitchen, which takes the guesswork out of trying to figure it out by yourself.

You’ll feel like I’m right there with you. This is not another one of THOSE programs
that makes a LOT of promises but doesn’t deliver.

If you follow along and really immerse yourself and most importantly MAKE A COMMITMENT to yourself to finally learn HEALTHY habits in the right order you are going to see lasting results.

Think about building a house. You can’t put on the roof without the walls and a solid foundation for it to last.

So I encourage you to make a commitment today, stick around and you will have more success than you ever imagined possible. Go ahead and start immersing yourself today. Don’t delay. Dive in and start having some fun like never before with losing weight without all the counting and deprivation.

Start going through the training videos and I encourage you to watch them more than once. You can also listen to the audio version in the car if you can’t watch the video at a specific time for some reason. The more you spend time doing this the more you will want to keep coming back.

I have made it so simple for you to watch, listen and then take action. Just follow the steps as this is how you will be successful.

So jump in and remember ….. If after the 7 days, you feel it’s not for you, you can cancel and your $7 will be returned to you. No questions asked.


If you make the SMART decision to continue …

You will be charged $7 today, then a further 4 payments of $67 each month, starting in 7 days time for a total investment of $275

So go ahead, invest in yourself and your health AND click the button below to get started right away.

I am so excited that you are giving this gift to yourself.

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Take the Stop Dieting Start Living Weight Loss System for a spin for 7 days for just $7.

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Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Immediate access to the Getting Started module and Module 1, so you can take the first step of your journey, even if you’re signing up at 2am on a Sunday morning
  • Each week you'll get access to a new module, building up to the full 5-Step Stop Dieting Start Living Weight Loss System and Bonuses
  • A free electronic copy of Ellie’s international bestselling book “Stop Dieting Start Living: 5 Foundations for Your Health to Permanently Lose Weight Without Dieting, Starvation or Suffering in Silence”