stop dieting start living
Secret to a Diet Free Life
March 25, 2017
stop dieting start living
Invest in Your Health | Diet Free life
April 25, 2017

Power of Thought and the Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

stop dieting start living

The Power of the Almighty Thought …

“Ugh, I have nothing to wear!” Do you utter this phrase often? Do you dread getting dressed in the morning because you’re not sure what fits anymore or what looks good?  If so, I used to be in the same boat and I know so many people that are still struggling with this problem. So, is there an answer other than starvation, you may say?

Yes!  Wouldn’t you love to pop out of bed in the morning and march toward you closet with confidence. Wouldn’t it feel great to see those skinny jeans slip right on? Wouldn’t you feel unstoppable to know your favorite business suit will button right up and hit you in all the right places so you can strut into your meeting knowing you look the part?


It’s no secret that this country is facing a health crisis and people are getting heavier and sicker than ever.  I’m not going to bore you with the statistics but I am going to share with you one of the obstacles that is probably standing in your way and how you can deal with it.

You may think the problem is that you love the taste of pizza or chocolate way too much and that is why you can’t keep your weight at the right level. But, guess what?  Pizza, chocolate or your favorite tasty treat is NOT the whole problem. If it were, you would never have had a successful dieting stint.  If you think about it I’m sure you have had successful short term success in your life achieving a weight loss goal. However, your problem is, like so many others, that you haven’t figured out the secret of keeping it off and making it a way of life so you can feel and look great. So, how can you achieve this goal?


It’s time to go deep and figure out how you can start to see yourself as the happy healthy person you truly long to be so you can start to knock down those barriers that end up sabotaging your efforts.  One of my clients is a great example.


I had an interesting thought yesterday during my meditation. While I typically try to not think about anything during that time, if a thought comes and I feel I should explore it further, I do. The thought was weight. I had been doing some exploring on the internet concerning the throat chakra. Part of that chakra is how we talk to ourselves. I thought that was interesting. What have I been telling myself about my weight? I have been voicing nothing but negativity about it. Here I go again! This won’t work either, etc., etc., etc.” What kind of a “voice” am I giving to my own self-talk?? I LOVE learning and I really feel like coaching with you will take me to the next level of learning. I’ve studied nutrition, exercise physiology, but what you bring to the table is the missing link; the connection of mind-body-spirit. I have never mastered that. What I feel is a sense of excitement because we are really talking “health” not “weight”…I love that.”

You see when we take some time to slow down and go a little deeper we realize that our own thoughts can often keep us trapped. This is when amazing shifts start to take place.

Take some time to notice what you are saying to yourself or even what others are saying about you.  I would love to hear what you discover.

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