The Stop Dieting Start Living Weight Loss System is the simple and gentle way to permanently lose weight without dieting, surgery, sacrifice or struggle. Designed for stressed out, overwhelmed yo-yo dieters who want healthy living made easy and improve the quality of their health and life.


– Step into new possibilities for your life feeling lighter physically, mentally and emotionally.

– Gain absolute clarity about how to get off the dieting merry-go-round for good and take back control of your health.

– Understand how to transform your life in a whole new way so you live in a way that fuels you and serves you.
Does all this make sense?

Strategy Session with Ellie Savoy

1-on-1 Private Coaching Session with Ellie


No matter what the advice books and TV gurus tell you, the body and life you want are within your reach only when you stop fighting your cravings and instead understand what they are trying to tell you. They are within your reach when you stop making the same old mistakes and choices, and learn to make better choices for your food and health. They are within your reach when you stop punishing yourself and feeling guilty and ashamed, and instead learn to be honest with yourself, celebrate where you are and have fun.

And the fastest way to life-changing, body-transforming results are when you and I jump into an intimate one-on-one conversation about your desires, your blocks and your dreams for the future.

Success VIP Day with Ellie Savoy

VIP Day Session

You are perfect for a Set Up For Success VIP Day if:

  • Your life is too hectic to commit to the schedule of a regular group program

  • You learn and implement fast and you are READY to make changes
  • You are the kind of person who likes to PLAY FULL OUT and GET THINGS DONE when it comes to creating the life you want