stop dieting start living
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November 15, 2017
stop dieting start living
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November 27, 2017

5 Reasons To Make Time for Living a Healthy Life

stop dieting start living

There is no denying that we are dealing with a lot of mental clutter today. We are totally bombarded by information, distractions from cell phones binging with email messages and texts, along with social media notifications and adding our own social media postings. Is it any wonder that so many people are feeling totally overwhelmed today?

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This has become a major player in the increased levels of stress and not feeling healthy. Priorities have been compromised and taking care of our own health seems to be less and less important.

Make your health a first priority

Our health is everything. Think about a time when you had a simple cold, a headache, or felt exhausted and were forced to slow down. The slightest thing can prevent us from fully embracing all the treasures that life has to offer us. Perhaps you have experienced a disease like cancer that took months out of your life and time away from your family. When we realize that we have choices around what is important to us, then we can start to implement the desired changes. Continuing on in overload damages our health. It is that simple.

You won’t believe how eye-opening it is to write down all the pieces and details of your life.  Be sure to put “investing in health” on the list! Where does it appear? Is it at the end or close to it? Doing this will bring awareness and assist you in making the changes you are seeking and deserve around your health and making time for yourself.

Here’s what will happen when you invest in your health:

  • Your mind will shift into a more positive state
  • You will feel less bombarded by setting boundaries and letting go of time drains
  • You will have time to eat real food at home
  • You will have more energy
  • You will feel happier

If you find it difficult to say “NO” I urge you to start practicing! Saying “Yes” to everything and everyone takes focus away from the quality of our own life and health. Start focusing on the things that you really want in your own life. It doesn’t have to be something on your “bucket list”! If you want to feel healthy, think daily or weekly in terms of eating and preparing quality food at home for you and your family.

Clutter of any nature has a negative effect on our health. You may not have realized that until now. Being constantly distracted by “noise” from our phones, computers and TV’s is clutter. Clutter doesn’t just refer to piles of papers, a messy car or an untidy closet!

The key to change is awareness. You will hear me say that over and over! If we don’t know that something drives us nuts or niggles away at us, how can we begin to change it? Start with baby steps by just selecting one to three things on your list that you can change. This will lead to creating more time for making your health a priority. You can build up from there.

Now is the time to learn more about the holistic approach and the positive effects on your life.

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