stop dieting start living
5 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life
August 15, 2017
stop dieting start living
3 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting
August 26, 2017

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting | The Diet Free Lifestyle

stop dieting start living

Stop dieting and lose weight naturally

Are you exasperated at the thought of going on yet another diet either for significant weight loss or just to shed those last stubborn 5 lbs? If so, I don’t blame you one bit. I have some good news for you.

The diet and weight loss arena is a multi-million dollar industry. It can often sound all too tempting these days to give the latest promise a shot. These types of announcements are plastered everywhere on the internet and many are unable to resist the temptation.

I have been in the “excess weight boat” .. more than once! I have tried many known diet plans over many past years. In my experience, they often work at the time but once the “diet” ceases even more weight is often gained. It’s a road to no-where because they are a temporary fix that just gets old after a while. In order to lose the weight for good, it requires a lifestyle change; looking at the whole picture of our life and not just what is being consumed but why

Please do yourself a favor if you want to get off the dieting merry-to-round. Commit to addressing the cause of your weight gain instead of resorting to a “magic” pill, potion, or diet plan full of rules.

Do any of the following sound like you?

  1. Portions out of control
  2. Comfort eating
  3. Bored
  4. Unfulfilled relationships
  5. Skipping meals
  6. Too much stress
  7. Not sleeping well
  8. Hormone imbalance

You can lose weight without dieting ever again. I am living proof of that and I love to help others rejoice in this level of freedom and happiness. It all starts with a willingness to let go of the old, and embrace the new. This is not a quick fix. After-all it took time to gain the weight. Common-sense tells us that we need to be invested in order to change the status quo. Making positive changes over time, leads us to significant lasting results. Does that sound good to you? It does to me. Slow and steady wins the race. Why do we often want to lose weight fast? After-all, we know it’s not a good idea.

My weight does hold steady for the most part. However, there are times when I may gain a few pounds because of visiting family or friends but I don’t beat myself up about it. People always expect me to arrive with some of the healthy foods that I regularly eat and even my Vitamix, but I am not going to be a nuisance while in someone else’s home! I want to be invited back! I jump right back into my healthy life as soon as I return home because I love feeling great. It’s about doing the best you can and staying in the flow knowing that you have the tools and the passion to jump back in again at any time. It’s not about discipline, rules and restrictions. That’s the beauty of creating a healthy lifestyle. It creates freedom and it’s such a pleasure.

When we decide to create a healthy relationship with ourselves, everything changes. Learning what and how to eat for our individual unique body type is part of the puzzle. Putting all these pieces together is how to create health and a body that you love to live in. Our body will find its natural weight when it is happy, nourished and receiving REAL food. This doesn’t mean giving up your old favorites!

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