stop dieting start living
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November 19, 2017
stop dieting start living
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December 5, 2017

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stop dieting start living

We live in a society today where we want everything fast. Don’t you agree? Yet, commonsense tells us that fast isn’t always best.

We can’t get the full benefits of our retirement investments until they are fully matured. We have to be patient and wait.


So why is it then that we want to lose weight fast and resort to a diet plan when we know that diets don’t work long-term?  I have lost count of the many diets I went on over the years and the frustration that went along with them. They are not a lifestyle. The lost pounds eventually found their way back and then some! Has that been your experience too?

Quick fix diets are not effective weight loss solutions

As a veteran dieter, I feel qualified to talk about the subject.

Haven’t you realized by now that quick fixes are just that?  I know all too well about feeling frustrated with being overweight and how we automatically want something that gets the ball rolling quickly. Just stop and think about it for a minute. How can any diet plan regardless of whether it’s the 3 Hour Diet, the 4 Hour Body Diet or the 17 Day Diet or anything else really work long term? We need to address our relationship with food as a way to free ourselves from the dieting game. Why did we gain all the weight? Are we eating because we are truly hungry or are we bored, frustrated, or feeling empty emotionally? Are we too busy? Too lazy? You fill in the blank.

But we go on the web and search for things like “how to lose weight fast for women” or “weight loss for women” because we want the perceived easy approach to solve our problem. We just want the quick fix. Ask yourself how that is working for you. How many years have you been using quick fixes.

The word “diet” is so incorrectly used in our society. It should simply mean what we are eating. For example, when I talk about what I eat, I say that I eat a healthy diet loaded with organic clean food. I still have things that I really enjoy like wine and chocolate. I have not restricted myself in any way because when we do that, our mind plays tricks with us and that leads to binge eating. The chocolate that I eat has seven ingredients in it. It’s organic and without chemicals. I don’t drink wine most nights like I used to, but I still enjoy it, so I still drink it! It’s just less often than I used to.

The fastest way to permanent weight loss is to take it slow. I know, you are probably saying that you don’t have time to take it slow, but if you want permanent weight loss, slow and steady wins the race. The weight gain took time to acquire and so it is going to take time and lifestyle changes to lose it. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. When will you realize this?

I can hear you saying “what is the best way to lose weight”.

Here are three simple ways to lose weight naturally and effectively:

1. Eat things that your body recognizes. It doesn’t know what to do with chemicals. Read labels.

2. Listen to what you body is asking for so that you can have a happy and healthy day. It’s probably not what you have been giving it?

3. Drink water. Period!

Now is the time to learn more about the holistic approach and effective ways to lose weight naturally. Forget New Year’s resolutions. I have, and now I am free from weight loss struggles.


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