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Here are a few of the numerous 5-Star Reviews of Ellie's #1 Bestselling Book: Stop Dieting Start Living
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This book is a great resource for anyone needing to get off the life-on-auto-pilot merry-go-round. Ms. Savoy does a great job of opening eyes regarding the dangers of trading convenience for health. I am a visual person so I loved the link to a video on her website showing the immediate effects of eating the traditional Industrial food system's answer to breakfast. To see the difference after someone eats bread, cola, orange juice and other convenience foods was mind-blowing. There are many suggestions for how to plan to succeed and how to avoid temptations. No more excuses, Ms. Savoy offers real-life options for shifting mindsets and outcomes. We can get healthy, feel better and lose weight. If we are deliberate and intentional. Great contribution Ellie Savoy. Thank you for this book.
- Kate Johansson
Who doesn't want to have fun and live an amazing life without diets or restrictions? In this inspirational book Ellie shares with us the formula to shed weight for good, without the dreaded limitations of traditional diets and with the freedom that living at our best brings about. This is a must have on any health conscious family's library and makes a beautiful motivational gift for those around us.
- Mari Pizarro
I don't much like self-help books, but this one is terrific.
- Bryan H. Bunch
I have read so many books on dieting in my 67 years I have lost count! I dieted for almost fifty years and finally stopped a couple years ago. Most of the suggestions about eating I already follow, despite my lack of success. However, it was the inspiring metaphors and other information that made me excited about finally having some success!

She begins with this amazing manifesto: I am so sorry I have been ignoring you and your needs for longer than I care to remember. I really do love you even though I sometimes act as though I don’t. …..It’s so challenging with so much going on all the time. I honestly do want to put an end to my excuses and make time so you do your best as the precious gift you are. We both deserve that…. It goes for another page with places to personalize it with your information.

I love the metaphor of our cars and how we never would even consider skipping putting oil and water and gas in our car! Yet we skip meals, don’t drink water when we are thirsty, don't take a moment to move our body now and then! How true is that! Isn’t my body as precious as my car? Without it I could not live in this world and do all the things I do!

She talks about changing my focus to “being healthy” and stop dieting all together. Being healthy leads to a thinner body by itself. Dieting sometimes is seen as a threat to our survival by our bodies. Yoyo dieting she explains increases grehlin, a hunger hormone and decreases leptin a fullness hormone, so you feel hungrier and less satisfied. Diets can actually make us disconnect us from listening to our body’s needs and instead forcing it to eat things it does not want, and at times it is not even hungry!

She talks about simplifying our lives. A lot of clutter for some can weigh us down when we see it around us all the time. The more we simplify, the lighter and freer we feel and the better we care for ourselves!

Also finding something we are Passionate about is a necessary tool. Passion leads to taking action, doing things we love, lightening our spirit and our bodies at the same time. She also suggests we Celebrate Every Thing! How often do we celebrate anything in our daily lives? All the little things we accomplish that make up our day. Maybe just drinking an extra glass of water, or walking further in the parking lot to the store. The more we celebrate all the little things, the more things we will have to celebrate as time goes on. What we focus on grows!

I really loved reading this book and looking forward to putting her advice into action! I will leave an update as time goes on!
- Morgine
Wow! A fabulous read. I found myself inspired and wanting to get started right away... I can say goodbye to my impossible diets and say hello to my new approach to health. Thank you for writing this book.
- Anutza Bellissimo

Stop Dieting Start Living

Ellie's #1 Bestselling Book | Click here to see many more 5-Star Reviews and Purchase on Amazon

Ellie's #1 Bestselling Book
'Stop Dieting Start Living'

What Every Woman Ought to Know About Losing Weight
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stop dieting start living
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