stop dieting start living
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stop dieting start living
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5 Promises to Improve Your Life and Health

stop dieting start living

If you are one of the millions of people struggling with excess weight and an array of health issues I have a very different and refreshing approach for you to consider.

We are all busy today and our own well-being is often something that is ignored or put on the back-burner and something that we will get to one day. Sound familiar?

Perhaps you are taking prescription medications for a particular symptom because your doctor told you to. Or restricting your calorie intake as a way to lose weight, or just ignoring the needs of your body and soul altogether. Why?

This simple and unusual approach has struck a chord with so many people. It’s certain to strike a chord in you too! Read on ….

Dear One and Only Body,

I am so sorry I have been ignoring you and your needs for longer than I care to remember. I really do love you even though I act as though I don’t. To prove it to you I am going to show you more respect and honor you. I know I have been full of all kinds of excuses and you probably don’t believe me, but please give me a chance.

It’s so challenging with so much going on every day. I honestly do want to put an end to my excuses and make time so you do your best as the precious gift you are. I know you deserve that. You see, the reality is I don’t really see them as excuses because I have so much going on every day. In all honesty though, some of it is not a good use of my time! I get easily distracted and spend time on things that are really not productive.

If you were really in dire straits, diseased and needing chemo of course I would make the time for that. What have I been thinking? Why have I been making everything and everyone else a priority and not YOU? I am absolutely going to make the time for you every day in a loving and caring way. No more lying or pretending that I am being good to you. It’s simply just not fair to you.

I promise that things are going to change starting today. This very minute. No more excuses.

(1) I will charge you up every day just like I charge up my mobile phone. I’m sorry that I have considered my phone more important than you. I don’t want to be without that and I don’t want to be without you. I will “power you up” every day by giving you rest and plenty of sleep so you are empowered.

(2) I will fill you up with fuel that helps to get you around without any problems. I would never put diesel in my unleaded gas car because it would damage the engine. I will give you the right kind of fuel every day and take care of your engine.

(3) I will stop overfilling my days, weeks and months so that I have room for you. I would never try to overfill my blender! I never overfill my suitcase when I travel so that it won’t close and you deserve the same. No more overfilling!

(4) I will make daily deposits of nourishing foods, love, and respect. I will think of you like my bank account. I make regular deposits so I can pay for my material needs and I will do the same for you so you have what you need to thrive everyday.

(5) I will simplify my life and get rid of the clutter to make you feel lighter and happier. I will clean up my messy home, my thoughts and my relationships. I will stop being lazy and take care of all my messes.

I will make YOU a priority every day because YOU matter. YOU deserve the best.

Please give me a chance to prove it to you. I am going to invest in you and get the help and support I need to make it a reality. I won’t look for quick fixes anymore. No more diets, gimmicks, deprivation and the like. I will make taking care of you a lifestyle that we BOTH love and enjoy.

Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin. I am so excited about enjoying healthier and happier days with you. EVERYONE benefits when you feel great.

I am going to begin honoring you and choosing to love you instead of continuing to take you for granted.

Much love from,

Your Soul xoxoxo

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