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"As the author of the #1 international best selling book 'Stop Dieting Start Living: 5 Foundations for Your Health to Permanently Lose Weight Without Dieting Starvation or Suffering in Silence,' I'm a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, ready to knock your socks off with my cutting edge approach, whimsical personality and proven results!" - Ellie Savoy
Ellie works with individuals, groups and companies who want to improve their health through co-creating a customized program or through her proven signature program.

Ellie's #1 Bestselling Book
'Stop Dieting Start Living'

What Every Woman Ought to Know About Losing Weight
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What My Clients Say

  • ellie savoy

    When I started my journey with Ellie Savoy, I considered myself a fairly healthy person. Ellie helped me look into the foods I was eating which allowed a closer look at the ingredients on the food labels. Doing this completely changed my outlook on the foods I was eating. As a vegetarian for so long, there are many meat replacement items at the grocery stores. These items are not good options and are often filled with chemical add ins. I was able to eliminate these items from my routine and transitioned my produce to all organic. After the first week of making this transition I was able to think clearer and have increased energy.

    Working with Ellie has been fantastic. She has shared many suggestions and best practices with food choices and lifestyle. What I love about Ellie is that she is positive, encouraging, and never focuses on the number or amount of weight lost. She focuses on your health. With good health comes good weight. Not only did Ellie help me make good food choices, she also helped me with my household. We reviewed shower products, household cleaners, and the benefits of household plants for cleaner air. Initially, my overall goal for this program was weight loss. Through working with Ellie I have learned that focusing on factors that contribute to your overall health is just as important as losing the weight. Ellie has been such a great support. I am forever grateful! Thank you Ellie!

    Kayla Hayes
    The Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, New York
  • ellie savoy
    My employer offered a virtual 8 week health and wellness program with Ellie Savoy. I had never done anything like this before so it took me about 3 weeks to find my groove. Once I started eating clean food I could immediately see and feel the difference in my energy. The afternoon slumps ended along with bloating and my energy improved. I am so excited that I found my groove and I'm making better choices every day. I lost 3 pounds in 5 weeks, but more importantly I know how to lose the rest without ever depriving myself or going on a diet again. Ellie was a great supporter and listener. She always provided the answers to my questions both on our calls and in our private Facebook group.
    Yesyka Servedio
    The Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, New York
  • ellie savoy
    I am deeply grateful to my employer for providing one on one coaching with Ellie Savoy during an 8 week program.  It has completely transformed my life into a new beginning for myself, my kids, and my family. I was stuck and she helped me get back on track. Ellie knows how to get to the heart of the matter. She provided a safe space where I could open up resulting in shedding heavy emotional weight which had been preventing physical weight loss. I have gained so much self confidence in myself that I never thought was possible and I am more focused and alert. These eight weeks are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
    Susan Bushee
    The Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, New York
  • ellie savoy
    Ellie is great. Very informed and supportive. She has definitely made a positive change in my life. Although I haven’t lost a significant amount of weight, I have been eating healthier, feeling better and have gained a lot of knowledge about what kinds of foods we are putting in our bodies. I really enjoyed that this was not a diet but rather a lifestyle change and I am not unmotivated that I haven’t lost a lot because my plan is to eat the things that nourish my body and loose over a longer period of time since I am creating lasting habits. I am so thankful to my employer for making this 8 weeks with Ellie possible. I will never go on another diet again. 
    Anna Croce
    The Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, New York
  • Ellie Savoy
    Working with Ellie has helped me do some emotional deep digging. I found this helpful and most importantly enlightening; Ellie is supportive and there is no judgement. Truly a wonderful experience.
    Rosemary Malone Horton
    The Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, New York
  • Ellie Savoy
    I was fortunate to have participated in a program through my employer, HVFCU. This is how my journey with Ellie began. Through weekly support, sharing her knowledge and firsthand experience she has helped me become more self aware. Ellie's philosophy of small steps, upgraded choices and progress not perfection make it easy to keep better choices top of mind. As a result of my time with Ellie, I have learned so much about myself and what truly goes into the decisions and choices I make. It doesn't have to be all or nothing but taking the first steps down a path surely makes you want to continue your journey!
    Karen Luciano
    The Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, New York
  • ellie savoy
    I am fortunate to work for a company that afforded me the opportunity to take control of my wellness and eight weeks ago I signed up for an 8 week Health and Wellness Program with Ellie Savoy. I can honestly say that it has positively changed my life. I have tried this diet and that diet, and this program and that program, but I never thought I would be so immersed with Ellie's approach. Each member of our group had different goals, different strengths and different foibles. Ellie is so approachable and likable which kept us, and especially me, going. The one on one sessions are great. She listens, offers insights and we came up with an individualized plan of action. She encourages participation and sharing within the group and it really works. I can honestly say I will never go on another diet again. Ellie's approach is about healing the patterns and the body. The key is healing the scars of bad choices and bad patterns. I have a new outlook on preparing foods for myself. I am no longer obsessed or ambivalent about caloric intake. I now care about the quality of the food...fresh instead of frozen, little or no processed versus over processed tasteless and often non filling frozen meals. Yes portion control matters but a healthier less processed meal is far better. Proof in what I am saying is my new approach, with little or no so called dieting, has accounted for a 19 lbs drop in weight over the 8 weeks I have worked with Ellie (really less time as I started one week later than rest of the group). I am sure many of you who work with Ellie will agree that she has become more than a health coach but a friend as well. We always joke around on how I describe my daily meals with photos I post to Facebook. She is always telling me that I should write a cookbook or at least write the descriptions to a menu.. so here how I describe Ellie Savoy... Ellie Savoy is the perfect addition to a warm and fragrant dish of Organic Jasmine rice. She is flavorable in her approach and energizing in the same way as the fragrance from the rice. At least for me, I am thankful I have taken this new path with her at my side.
    Mitchell Levine
    The Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, New York
  • "Ellie's Stop Dieting Start Living Weight Loss System is just what I needed to get myself onto a healthier track that is simple and fun. I am now fully in the swing of eating clean and healthy! I feel less achy and more energetic, and have lost 5 pounds already, though weight loss is simply a fringe benefit of living well! Getting into a routine was a bit challenging, but once in, it flows easily, as Ellie said it would! Feeling better is the best motivation! I love how this program is delivered. It's so easy to follow and take action.Thank you for making this so easy."
    Joni LaCasse
    Millbrook, NY
  • corporate wellness
    The past few months, I've had to make some changes to my lifestyle due to the RA diagnoses. My energy sucked, I couldn't work out like I used to but I thought I was still doing ok with my diet. Yeah, well..maybe not so well. My employer offered an 8 week program with a certified health coach (Ellie Savoy) for free. I figured this is worth a shot since I've known Ellie and know how passionate she was. WOW! It's only been 10 days and what an amazing difference in how I feel. My energy has been "normal" all week and I've been able to be active 6 days this week. This has been the first time in months!! I've cut out most sugar (which most of my sugar came from looking at less sugar content fruit and less of it) and more food that has less than 6 ingredients in it so far. I look forward to learning more on this journey and to keep this disease at a minimum. We really are what we eat!!
    Dee Zappolo Richter
    The Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, New York
  • Carol Cayea
    Stop Dieting / Start Living does work. I read Ellie Savoy’s book and I could not put it down. It all made sense. I am still taking baby steps but every step I take makes me feel good. I continue to lose weight slowly but the pounds are coming off. I have more energy and feel better about myself.

    I have tried many diets before but I feel this is definitely working for me. I recommend everyone should at least read the book. It will change your life. Thanks for your support!”
    Carol Cayea
    New York
  • “I began working with Ellie about three months ago. I have worked with other coaches through the years; however, Ellie’s approach and knowledge are vastly different than anything I have ever learned in the past. Her approach is to balance your entire life, mind, body and spirit. I learned not only wonderful nutritional information, but how to enjoy my life while in the process of becoming healthier and stronger. I came away from each call with a renewed hope and energy that losing weight and being healthy is not only possible, but is enjoyable. The emails that she sent me were packed with great, usable information. Most importantly, when I needed her, she was always only an email away. Thank you Ellie Savoy for changing my life.”
    Nancy Curtis
    North Carolina
  • "I must say that Ellie has opened me up to new concepts of “Diet”. As a Licensed massage therapist, certified clinical aromatherapist, and professional raw foods chef I thought – what new concept can be provided.

    "Well, let me tell you – she has allowed me to expand my comprehension as to what else in life is effecting my weight. “It’s not only what you eat, but what’s eating you” concept rolled into not only my household clutter, but the clutter in my family and friendship relationships and my business and professional productivity. Her thoughts on being honest with ourselves – no excuses – I am worthy of the investment of not only money but TIME.

    "I am a caregiver but unfortunately, it was not until doing some of the self work at Ellie’s recommendation that I realized for maybe the first time that I have not been the best at Self Care! I am grateful for her thoughts on progression not perfection. As I have been in the past a perfectionist and if I could not be perfect I would quit. Not Anymore!

    "I am so grateful to have met Ellie, read her book, and chose to invest in myself by reaching out for her help. You will not be disappointed if you ALLOW yourself to take it in to your mind, body and spirit what she is really saying. Eat real food and be good to you!"

    Brenda Martin
    New York
  • “Ellie’s Diet Free and Healthy Program teaches you how to prepare to be successful each and every day of your life. That is what makes working with her so different than any other thing you have ever tried. Once you work with Ellie you will never want to go back to your old eating habits. Her program teaches you to shop, prepare, and enjoy real food. You will love how much better you feel. My favorite part about working with Ellie is her positive energy. She always says at the end of each session PROGRESS not PERFECTION!”
    Ann Barton
    New York
  • “Over the years I’ve joined well-known diet programs, bought every “how to lose weight” book, dozens of cookbooks and hired a personal trainer in an effort to lose weight and keep it off. Then I heard about Ellie Savoy’s concept of Diet Free and Healthy.

    “Having little luck in the past I decided to try this new idea of putting the emphasis on Healthy rather than just losing the weight. Our initial phone conversation concerned me a bit because Ellie assured me she would show me that cooking can be simple and fun. I always disliked cooking and hoped someone would find a healthy diet that allowed me to eat pizza every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    “Our first session Ellie showed up with a bag full of groceries and proceeded to show me just how simple it was to cook a great meal that would last for a few days. She went through my cupboards and showed me the items which were good food choices and which were poorer choices, all without judgment so I didn’t feel any guilt.

    “Ellie’s passion for health helped guide me every week to realize that putting the focus on healthy was actually allowing my body to lose weight, decrease my blood pressure and give me more energy. In just over two months I’ve dropped 10 pounds without obsessing over calories. I know my cholesterol levels will be better on my annual exam as well.

    “I notice that I don’t skim over the cooking shows anymore. With Ellie’s help I found that meal planning can be fun. Making a few meals on one or two days per week saves me time on busy days and frees me up to enjoy the little spare time we all have. My friends were so impressed with what I was cooking they told me they would pay me to cook for them!

    “I believe the most valuable feature of Ellie’s service is that she is totally devoted to helping each woman find their perfect way to health with love and support.”

    Aide Kopito
    New York