November 27, 2013

Diets and Lifestyle | Real weight loss solutions for women

We live in a society today where we want everything fast. Don’t you agree? Yet, commonsense tells us that fast isn’t always best. We can’t get the full benefits of our retirement investments until they are fully matured. We have to be patient and wait.   So why is it then that we want to lose weight fast and resort to a diet plan when we know that diets don’t work long-term?  I have lost count of the many diets I went on over the years and the frustration that went along with them. They are not a lifestyle. The lost pounds eventually found their way back and then some! Has that been your experience too? Quick fix diets are not effective weight loss solutions As a veteran dieter, I feel qualified to talk about the subject. Haven’t you realized by now that quick fixes are just that?  I know […]