January 6, 2014

Time management for a healthy lifestyle

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the delightful and insightful Rev Naomi Fay of Intention Radio – http://intentionradio.com/2013/12/diet-free-and-healthy-ellie-savoy/ Naomi started the interview by saying so many people are sharing with her about how fast life is today. Time is going by faster and faster. This is something that I hear from my clients, and I also run into it myself. The difference for me now is that I “catch” myself when I feel the overwhelm, that sinking feeling of not being able to get it all done and that my days are going by too quickly. Click to tweet this So, how do we stay balanced today? How do we live each day not feeling depleted and overwhelmed? These don’t have to be $64M questions but who has the answer? I believe that we each individually have the answer. We are in charge of our own lives […]