October 2, 2013

Food and Mood | Holistic Health Mindset

Awareness helps you break out of the diet and health dilemma Awareness can set you free. Why? Because it creates positive shifts in our lives! I know first-hand how food and mood go hand-in-hand because I made the shift to better health through awareness. When I lived my life in high gear, not making time for regular healthy meals, grabbing something on the go, and drinking wine at night on a regular basis I didn’t feel good. I didn’t sleep so well. And I gained weight. I just knew that something had to change.     Does any of this sound familiar? It’s a vicious cycle because stress leads to sleeping less, which leads to reaching for caffeine and sugar for a fix, which is followed by a crash and a need for another fix to pick us up. In addition, skipping regular meals and lack of exercise often leads to […]