October 4, 2013

Natural Weight Loss and Meal Timing

It’s not only WHAT you eat but also WHEN you eat that impacts weight loss Metabolism and your body’s metabolic state varies during the course of a day.  When you wake in the morning you have likely been without food for many hours so your metabolic state is in fasting mode.  Therefore, eating something for breakfast to replenish important reserves and jump start your metabolism makes sense right? Yet too many people today are living an incredibly fast paced life and either just grab a coffee or a very quick breakfast or worse yet, skip breakfast completely. A study from the University of Murcia in Spain (published April 2013) showed that early eaters lost about 22% more weight than late eaters. Another weight loss study conducted by researchers from Tel Aviv University (published July 2013) shows that a well balanced breakfast with reduced dinner intake is more beneficial to weight loss […]