November 19, 2013

5 Reasons To Make Time for Living a Healthy Life

There is no denying that we are dealing with a lot of mental clutter today. We are totally bombarded by information, distractions from cell phones binging with email messages and texts, along with social media notifications and adding our own social media postings. Is it any wonder that so many people are feeling totally overwhelmed today? Click here to tweet this This has become a major player in the increased levels of stress and not feeling healthy. Priorities have been compromised and taking care of our own health seems to be less and less important. Make your health a first priority Our health is everything. Think about a time when you had a simple cold, a headache, or felt exhausted and were forced to slow down. The slightest thing can prevent us from fully embracing all the treasures that life has to offer us. Perhaps you have experienced a disease […]
July 17, 2013

Diet Free Holistic Health | Information Overload

Diets, health and the information age It’s no secret that we all live in a very fast-paced world today. Information is coming at us from all directions! Yet, with access to so much information, why are so many people experiencing health issues and feeling unfulfilled in their lives? What information should you believe? Who do you turn to for help? When researching a health or diet related topic why are there many opposing answers? This is when it may seem like a good idea to bury your head in the sand and continue on with the status quo. Please think about that for a moment. Can this really be the best approach? Holistic health provides a positive approach to information overload One of my greatest pleasures in life is helping people to improve the quality of their life and their health.  I don’t have a magic wand, or pills and […]