January 31, 2014

Why Clutter Affects Your Health and What To Do About It

Conquer the chaos to improve your health Dealing with clutter is usually not high on the “To-Do” list for most of us because it doesn’t seem all that appealing! However, it is well worth addressing this issue in life because it has a negative affect on your health.  If it has been ignored for some time, it can sometimes be overwhelming.  Just knowing where to start can be a nightmare in itself. But, clutter of any kind can destroy your health and is worthy of investing the time to get things cleaned up and organized. Do you feel anxious and overwhelmed knowing that you have a bunch of projects to tackle? If so, it is probably showing up in your body somewhere. Perhaps it’s your stomach in the form of butterflies, tension in your neck and shoulders, or tightness in your chest. Clutter in your environment might very well be […]